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Shandong Tianhong Chemicals Co., Ltd
China Wanda Group was established in 1988 and has been adhering to the corporate vision of "gathering the best of science and technology and building a centennial Wanda" in the past 30 years of development. It has gone through the trilogy of "science and technology promote development, brand creation, cooperation and development". The total fixed asset of China Wanda Group is more than 80 billion Chinese Yuan, its occupied land of 6 million square meters, and employed more than 13000 staff and become a professional, informationized, modernized and international enterprise group. It has won the honorary titles such as National May 1st Labor Certificate, China Honored Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise, AAAA Grade Enterprise with Good National Standards and Behaviors, and is the only privately-owned enterprise in Shandong Province of China that both headquarters and its subsidiary passed AA + credit ratings and has been nominated for the top 500 Chinese enterprises, China's manufacturing top 500, China's large enterprise groups competitiveness top 500 for many years.
Shandong Tianhong Chemicals Co., Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Wanda Group, is located in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. It is one big-size private wholly owned petrochemical enterprise registered in June of 2012, its occupied land of 1500 mu and employed more than 1200 staff. Shandong Tianhong Chemicals Co., Ltd adjacent to Dongying Port Terminal, Donggang Expressway runs through the hinterland, convenient transportation and strategic location, has a vast space for development and good market prospects.The company's 5 million tons/year refinery project was put into operation on September 29, 2013 and creating a new record for the construction of domestic projects in the petrochemical industry.
As one of the group's key industries, the company took diesel hydrogenation technology and catalyst from Topse in Denmark and gasoline hydrogenation technology from Ackerson in France. The production of gasoline and diesel has reached the State V standard. The company is also the first domestic company in the industry to introduce the world's leading topse WSA sulfuric acid gas sulfuric acid process, refining equipment and product technology has been fully improved, representing China and the international oil refining level. The company has the qualification of import of fuel oil, the qualification of wholesale of refined oil products, the use qualification of imported crude oil of 4.4 million tons / year, the qualification of import of crude oil and the quota of refined oil products export qualification, the company also passed ISO quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management System certification and safety production enterprises third standard compliance, the laboratory passed the national certification. Won the title of "Top 100 Chinese Private Enterprises in Petroleum and Chemical Industry" for three consecutive years.
To further strengthen the overall scale advantage and improve supporting services, in order to support Wanda Petrochemical Group’s 5 million tons/year refining project, Shandong Tengyu Petrochemical co., ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Tianhong Chemical co., ltd, ) which built more than one million tons of oil reservoir project and Shandong Po Kong International Liquid Chemicals Terminal Co.,ltd constructed four 10000 tons of liquid chemical terminal berth, mainly handle Tianhong Chemical’s raw materials and finished products pipeline transportation. Wanda Petrochemical Group possess many advantages such as good location, advanced technology, integrated production chain and excellent manpower resource. It has formed a industry chain which start with the crude oil unload, refined oil load by sea shore, and then through oil refining and its by-products, further into subsequent fine chemical engineering.
Looking to the future, Shandong Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd. will be guided by the business philosophy of "innovation leads, cluster development,seize the opportunity and actively take the initiative to become stronger, bigger, new petrochemical industry, firm undeviating from integration and innovation in the road of transformation and upgrading, to speed up the development of regional economy to make new and greater contribution!

Add:West of Gangxi 1 Road, North of Gangbei 1 Road, Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Hekou District, Dongying City,Shandong Province.

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