Geographical Advantages
Adjacent to Dongying Port Terminal, it is equipped with 4 x 10000 tons of liquid chemical jetties and 1 million cubic bonded oil reservoir. The materials are all delivered through pipelines with the lowest logistics and transportation cost.
Technological Advantages
The first to introduce the world's advanced French Akerson gasoline hydrogenation technology and Denmark Topse diesel hydrogenation technology, the production of gasoline and diesel reached the State V and VI standards, and the State VI standard gasoline for Beijing area.
Industrial Chain Advantages
The Company has formed 6 levels of industrial chain includes terminal logistics, petroleum refining, follow-up fine chemical and rubber production, and more than 30 varieties of industrial chain such as acrylonitrile, MMA, butadiene, alkylation, MTBE, MBS, ABS, polyacrylamide and butadiene rubber. The advantages of cluster development are obvious.
Management Advantages
The introducing the industry-leading management consulting firm process design, and set up a scientific and efficient information system, to achieve a high degree of matching between personal and equipment.

Add:West of Gangxi 1 Road, North of Gangbei 1 Road, Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Hekou District, Dongying City,Shandong Province.

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